Truth & Rumors: Tiger interested in buying sports team but needs more money

With Phil Mickelson's partial purchase of the San Deigo Padres becoming official this week, just one question remains to be asked: Why doesn't Tiger -- the only pro at Kiawah with more money than Lefty -- buy a team, too?
Well, the answer isn't lack of interest. It's that the man has expensive tastes, even as a fan. According to his Tuesday press conference:

Q. Based on the news with Phil and the Padres, down the road could you ever see yourself maybe wanting a piece of one of your favorite teams? TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. I just need a lot more money. My teams are the Lakers, Dodgers and the Raiders; so I've got to play really well.
In other words, anyone can buy the Padres. But paying $2.15 billion for the Dodgers? Gonna have to add a few more logos to the bag, Tiger.
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by Kevin Cunningham