Monday, July 30, 2012

Editor's Note: This story cites a report which states that Duval's Cherry Hills home had entered foreclosure. Duval told the Associated Press in a story published on Tuesday that this was not the case, but he declined to further explain his negotiations with the bank. No one is safe from an angry economy. Not even former World No. 1s.
David Duval, once golf’s top player, has been hit by the housing crunch as hard as anyone. According to the Daily Mail, Double-D's house in the Denver suburb of Cherry Hills is in foreclosure:

According to legal documents seen by TMZ, some of the repayments on the £3.7 million ($5.9m) loan have not been made.
The paperwork allegedly states that Duval and his wife Susie were loaned the money in 2005 so they could buy a £7.8 million ($12.4m) home in plush Cherry Hills.
However, the bank is struggling to get the money back from the golfing star so has issued a foreclosure on the property.
Duval mansion

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