Truth & Rumors: Suzann Pettersen to pose nude for ESPN Magazine's 'Body Issue'

Suzann Pettersen will become the latest golfer to strip down for ESPN Magazine's the Body Issue, according to (and, well, much of the internet). For comment on this development, I defer to the source of the article, CBS's Shane Bacon:

"Back in my caddie days, I had a few experiences with Suzann in the gym and let me tell you, she's a beast. Her workouts are hard and long and intense and she works really hard on her body to get the best out of it. Having her in the Body Issue seems like a lay-up for ESPN and golf fans should be excited to see a speciman (speciwoman?) in the game."
And there it is.
The magazine hits newsstands July 13. The Norwegian pro, currently ranked fifth in the world, joins the expanding Mt. Rushmore of LPGA players to appear in the annual issue, alongside Belen Mozo, Christina Kim, Sandra Gal and Anna Grzebien. Furyk Ready to Forget U.S. Open MeltdownJim Furyk would, very courteously and with all due respect, request that you stop reminding him of his early-evening misadventures Sunday at Olympic Club. Thank you.
That was the gist of his performance for the press Wednesday before the AT&T National, according to Emily Kay of SBNation. It's making it really hard for him to forget, and that's an important step toward recovery:
"I've always been really good at kinda putting it behind me," Furyk said, adding that those around him have made it harder for him to do that. "I get reminded of it at least two dozen times a day [by] hundreds of hundreds of people just seeing me in public at the grocery story, at a restaurant, and you know, 'I was rootin' for you, I was pullin' for you.'"
Even PGA Tour service personnel have hopped aboard the sympathy train.
"Our commissioner was telling me yesterday that our local dry cleaner was trying to figure out, 'well, why did he hit that shot?'" Furyk recounted. When Tim Finchem noted that Furyk was not trying to shoot himself out of contention, the launderer pressed him further. "'Yeah, but he shouldn't have done it in that situation.'
"Well, no s**t," Furyk said with a laugh, "but you shouldn't break the buttons on my shirt, but it happens once in a while."
Furyk starts his first round at 1:02, alongside Robert Garrigus and Jason Day. Please address your Hallmark "Get Well Soon" cards to the Congressional locker room, c/o Fluff Cowan. Another Open ClosedDo you want to be Merion's "Jungle Bird" at the 2013 U.S. Open? Tough. All the general admission tickets for the championship rounds are already sold out. And while fences are probably no problem for the real Jungle Bird, well, we're not all quite so avian.
But, as Yahoo's Jay Busbee writes, there are other ways in:
Aside from the usual "secondary" market, you can also buy tickets for the Monday-Wednesday practice rounds. You can also pony up some big bucks for the premium "Trophy Club" and "1895 Club" tickets. Both offer access to food, drink and (most notably) air conditioning in tents located near the 18th hole. Prices range from $50 for single-day practice-round tickets to $385 for Sunday 1895 Club ducats. (You can also get in free if you happen to be a kid or active-duty military, which is nice.)
The 2012 U.S. Open marked the event's 26th straight sell out. In all, 230,000 people graced Olympic's grounds. Since Merion is a smaller site, the USGA paired back ticket allotments - down to 25,000 per day from 33,000. Never too early to start digging your tunnel to the action… And now for something frightening:Yahoo came across this add for SkySports, and found it in their dark hearts to share it: Watching Tiger morph into Monty is like watching the bad guy age after picking the wrong grail in The Last Crusade. I wonder if this will turn me away from golf the way that did from water. Always choose the pewter cup, that's the lesson there. Applied here, it means always stick to a single spokesman's face, even that face belongs to Colin Montgomerie. Tweet of the Day:

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