Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last week, the House of Representatives voted to award the Congressional Gold Medal to 18-time major champion Jack Nicklaus. The House voted 373-4. The clever sleuths at Deadspin decided to contact the four congressmen and ask them why they didn't vote for the Golden Bear. Rep. Justin Amash, a republican representing Michigan's third district, posted this message on his Facebook page, which pretty much summed up the feelings of the other three voters:

The Congressional Gold Medal originally was awarded for acts of heroism, especially during war. George Washington was the first recipient, and until the Civil War, the medal was given only to members of the Armed Forces. In the late 1800s, Congress began awarding the medal to civilians in recognition of other talents or achievements. In the 1900s, Congress awarded many more medals, sometimes to celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and John Wayne. I think the original purpose of the Congressional Gold Medal is better than Congress's modern practice. Jack Nicklaus had a legendary golfing career. But I think it's better to reserve the medal for those whose heroism and self-sacrifice was made to save the lives of others.
Bubba vs. The Media but Golfweek's Jeff Rude pointed out
In other words, there is a lot to like. In the process of all that, he has become a fan favorite, particularly post-Augusta, and something of a media darling.
Yet there was something a bit concerning about his news conference in The Big Easy. Watson went out of his way a few times, sometimes playfully, to poke “the media.” One sensed an undercurrent of distrust or dislike.
The headline could have read, “Freshly minted media darling bites the hand that helps feed.”
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