Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Phil Mickelson wants to unmask an Internet user who has made what Mickelson calls anonymous and defamatory attacks against him, according to Court House New Service.

Phil Mickelson sued an Internet service provider, seeking the identity of a person who posted what the golfer calls "vicious" statements about him and his wife.
Mickelson sued Videotron S.E.N.C. in Quebec Superior Court, seeking the identity of the author of "several highly defamatory statements posted by one or more individual on the Internet, in particular on a Yahoo! website, under the pseudonyms of 'Fogroller' and 'Longitude'.
"The postings suggest that plaintiff has an illegitimate child, that his wife has affairs and other similar vexatious statements that are absolutely untrue and, simply put, vicious," the complaint states.
In his complaint, Mickelson says the San Diego Superior Court authorized him to subpoena Yahoo! for information about "Fogroller" and "Longitude," and Yahoo! responded with Fogroller's Internet protocol address, which is registered to a Videotron subscriber.
Videotron's attorney said Mickelson needs a court order for the company to provide him with the information he seeks. Mickelson seeks the court order.
D.A. Points explains worst-ever chest bump with Bill Murray Kevin Merfeld of The Monterey Herald talks to Points about what went wrong after his hole-out on 14
"Hey, I was all-in. A chest bump is a two-person game, and if the other person pulls up short, there's nothing I can do about it. I was all-in. There was definitely air between my spikes and the ground. I did my part."
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