Monday, January 16, 2012

If Rory Sabbatini was striving to do a better job at controlling his temper on the course in 2012, he can now toss that New Year's resolution out the window.
At least this time, he wasn't the one who started it.
Last year, the fiery South African nearly came to blows with Sean O'Hair during the second round at the Zurich Classic. On Saturday at the Sony Open, Sabbatini was paired with Vijay Singh, who reportedly became incensed with Sabbatini's caddie following a blown par putt, and a profanity-laced argument soon followed. Here's the report from the New York Times' Karen Crouse.

According to volunteers who said they witnessed the incident, Singh, just after missing a 6-foot par put on the first hole of his third round, swore at Doran for moving while he had lined it up. When Sabbatini spoke up in defense of Doran, Singh swore at him loudly enough for volunteer marshals near the gallery ropes to hear. Singh and Sabbatini continued to jaw at each other. A security volunteer, Alan Awana, said he had never seen anything like it in his more than two decades working on the tournament.
Lexi's Parents Reveal Family Secret has an excellent feature
They are revealing their scars reluctantly, only because they have heard whispers grow more loudly, because they dread gossip taking cruel, inaccurate twists. They’re disappointed they feel pressure to share private family matters, but they’re doing it so the story isn’t turned into something ugly.
Here it is, the simple and complicated truth: Scott Thompson isn’t really Nicholas’ father. Well, not his biological father, though Nicholas will tell you Scott is his father in every other way imaginable.
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