Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Though their accomplishments on the golf course aren't exactly comparable (0 tour wins vs. 71), Waggle Room points out that Rickie Fowler did get a victory of sorts over Tiger Woods when Oklahoma State beat Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl last night. (Photos: Fowler, Woods, Wie.) Tiger was an honorary captain of Stanford's squad and participated in the coin toss, while Rickie was also named honorary captain of his alma mater.
After the close game Fowler Tweeted to his followers, "victory is sweet...what a game...my boys hung in there and found a way to win...the gifts helped though...a win is a win!!" Meanwhile Tiger avoided Twitter but did tell the AP earlier in the week that he was feeling good and looking forward to the '12 season: 

"The lowest moments [last year] came from the fact that I wasn't healthy and couldn't put in the time on and off the course that I wanted and needed to, and that was frustrating," Woods said. "I was playing with pain and that isn't fun. The last couple of months have been really fun and that is mostly because I am feeling healthy again and building week on week."

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