Truth & Rumors: Romney slams Obama's golf habit—again

Mitt Romney has launched a full-bore offensive on President Obama's scandalous hobby: yep, golf. During a conference call earlier this week, Romney took a shot at the Prez for scheduling a 17-day vacation to Hawaii. (“I just think it’s time to have a president whose idea of being 'hands on' doesn’t mean getting a better grip on the golf club," Romney said.) Now the Republican presidential hopeful has launched a web site that lists the number of holes Obama has reportedly played in office (1,584). The site also implores visitors to “donate $18 to send President Obama on a permanent vacation." (Isn't that a Schwarzenegger line from Red Heat?)
Question is, when you get past the rhetoric, is Romney's dig warranted? Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post explores:

The Web site, saying Obama needs to go on “permanent vacation,” strongly suggests he is a slacker while many Americans are looking for work. In fact, a case could be made that Obama is not taking enough time off. Take a look at these vacation statistics provided by Mark Knoller, the White House correspondent for CBS Radio:

At this point in their presidencies:


— 11 vacations, totaling all or part of 70 days

— 22 visits to Camp David, totaling all or part of 54 days


— 28 visits to his Texas ranch, totaling all or part of 207 days

— 72 visits to Camp David, totally all or part of 228 days

Coming soon to a European Tour stop near you: Mike Weir  Former Masters champ Mike Weir, who is winless since 2007, says he is seeing some positive signs after a recent surgery to his balky right elbow. “I can really feel my fingers on the club these days and that's something that was missing the last few years,” Weir wrote on his blog. Weir also stumbled upon some other good news, which he might want to share with other long-ago major-winners scrambling to maintain their Tour cards.

As far as my overall schedule, I'm hoping to play as much as I can on the PGA Tour through exemptions and my status. But I recently discovered that I'm fully exempt on the European Tour. It seems they give major champions a 12-year exemption and so I've taken out membership there.

(In fact, Mike Weir earned a 10-year exemption on the European Tour for his 2003 Masters win. In 2009, the rules were changed so that a major win now results in only a seven-year exemption on the European Tour.)

While I still would like to play most of my golf in North America, I'm also kind of excited about the chance to play in Europe. I think it would be fun to tee it up in the different countries they have on their tour and I'll likely use that to fill in when I'm unable to play over here.

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by Kevin Cunningham