Monday, December 05, 2011

In case you hadn’t heard, Tiger Woods won for the first time in more than two years at the Chevron World Challenge on Sunday, besting 17 other players with a birdie-birdie finish that was vintage Tiger. The celebration left many of us wondering if Tiger forgot he was at Sherwood Country Club and not Augusta National, but he reportedly sent several bottles of champagne to the media center after his win, and we can all appreciate that.
Certainly the Chevron was a vital stop on Tiger’s road to redemption—he looked confident on the course, was able to shape shots, putted well and even had the stinger going. So what was the key to Tiger’s W? Maybe it was changing his putter grip. Maybe he finally got enough reps in. Or, maybe it was mashed potatoes.
This isn’t the first time the "Mashed Potato Guy" has struck Tiger. Mashed Potato Guy made himself known at the Australian Open, as well as last year’s PGA Championship. Does Mashed Potato Guy inspire Tiger? Probably not, but we're sure he will take mashed potatoes over hot dogs any day of the week. Rory McIlroy’s U.S. Open trophy detained in ChinaWhile Tiger Woods added another piece of hardware to his collection, Rory McIlroy lost his trophy room’s star attraction. According to Bernie McGuire of Reuters, McIlroy intended to showcase his U.S. Open trophy at his final six events of the season. ISM, Rory’s former management company, shipped the trophy to Lake Maclaren Golf Club for the Shanghai Masters, but no one picked it up, McGuire reports. McIlroy’s new representation, Horizon Sports, is now trying to track down the young star’s prized possession.

“ISM shipped the trophy out in its special protective box to Shanghai and the Lake Maclaren Shanghai Masters but there was no one present at the course to receive it so it was taken back to the shipping agents depot,” said Horizon Sports Conor Ridge.
“So I then got in contact with IMG in order we could at least have the trophy on hand for the following week’s HSBC Champions event because they wanted to put the trophy on display at Sheshan as they’ve done in the past.”
“I was informed that China customs said they were now not releasing the trophy, and they still won’t give it to us.”
“We’ve now got the USGA involved while IMG are working on the case and our guys at Horizon are also working with IMG trying to get the trophy released from customs.”
“We’ve tried to send someone to Shanghai so they can be handed the trophy in person but they’re just not releasing it.”
“Well, not exactly!” was all he said.
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