Monday, October 31, 2011

When we posted our choices for Golf Magazine’s Player of the Year on Golf Magazine’s Facebook poll, we thought it would be the most contested vote since Jennifer Hudson got booted from “American Idol.” Luke Donald was Mr. Consistency; Keegan Bradley had the ultimate breakout year; Rory McIlroy made big statements on the biggest stages; and Yani Tseng notched a Tiger-like 11 wins.
Instead, our horserace turned into a rout, with Yani Tseng getting more than 95 percent of the online vote. Congratulations, Yani. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do in 2012.
VOTES (through noon Eastern time, Monday Oct. 31)
1. Yani Tseng: 95.7 percent (5,136 votes)
2. Luke Donald: 2.9 percent (155 votes)
3. Rory McIlroy: 1 percent (50 votes)
4. Keegan Bradley: 0.4 percent (25 votes) Graph_for_poll Here are some of your comments: James Wu Yani Tseng: Long fairway and nice character golfer. I wish you have many years to run on top of LPGA. Luke Chou Yani Tseng: She is Queen and there is no King. Bill Hogan Yani Tseng: There is no contest ... Yani Tseng is the player of the year by a longshot. Eduardo B. Cu Unjieng Luke Donald: Golf has gone global. (Pause to let this sink in for US readers.) Luke's money title for the European and US tours makes him world player of the year hands down! Pierluigi Fracasso Rory McIlroy: One major and "half" doubt! John Ivanitz Keegan Bradley: Good luck Keegan and stop whining Luke! Xiaoming Chen Yani Tseng: Not Tiger for sure. Golf Magazine will announce its 2011 Player of the Year on on Nov. 1.

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