Truth & Rumors: McIlroy to Wozniacki: No, you’re Shmoopy

What do you buy the world's No. 1 women's tennis player, who can buy anything? Rory McIlroy decided to get his girlfriend Caroline a lob wedge—with their celebrity couple name on it. Rory_tweet Sandwedge
We haven’t seen a couple this cute since, well… FedEx Cup still has too much mathWhile Bill Haas’s thrilling playoff victory over Hunter Mahan gave a boost to the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup playoff system, Ron Green Sr. of The Charlotte Observer says the playoffs are still too complicated.

There is so much arithmetic involved in that exercise, even the winner, Haas, didn’t know for sure he had claimed the fortune until his wife assured him he had.
Figuring out who was leading near the finish and then who won is not something you do on your fingers and toes. You need a mathematician and a bunch of possibilities that could give a computer a headache.
The Fed Ex Cup competition is supposed to be a big finish to the season like the World Series or Super Bowl, but it misses the mark. It’s interesting as it comes down to the wire but it’s not exciting when somebody has to tell you who won and why.
NBA’s Stephen Curry makes hole-in-oneGolden State Warrior Stephen Curry is spending the lockout the way we would if our corporate overseers locked us out: playing golf. According to Reid Cherner of USA Today, the sharp-shooting guard hits from downtown on the course as well.
Curry, a nifty golfer growing up, got his first hole-in-one Sunday. It came on the 143-yard, Par 3 third hole at Half Moon Bay Golf Links' Ocean Course.
When he was at Davidson, Curry talked about golf helping his basketball game.
"I would say when things aren't going well, and in golf that happens a lot, you have to find your way through it and turn your game around,'' he explains. "I don't know if there is a direct comparison but when you don't have your shot going you have to stay calm and keep your composure and find other ways to be an influence on the court."
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