Truth & Rumors: Tiger’s move boosts Jupiter, Fla., businesses

The Jupiter, Fla., business community is sending the welcome wagon to greet new resident and business owner Tiger Woods. Woods has recently moved into his new mansion in Jupiter on Florida’s Atlantic coast, and he’s also moved his business offices there from Orlando. The local business community is excited about the move, which adds to a golf-business cluster in Palm Beach County, where Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman also operate their businesses, according to The Palm Beach Post.

Although Woods' endorsement deals and winnings have waned since his scandal, Palm Beach County business boosters are happy to claim him as the county's newest corporate citizen.
Kelly Smallridge, president of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, plans to drop his name in pitches to other employers looking to move here.
"I'm going to be able to tout the fact that his corporate headquarters are here," Smallridge said. "We plan on using it."
It's unclear how many jobs Woods will bring here from Orlando - Smallridge guesses 20 to 30. Woods will move his business without seeking tax incentives to do so.
ESPN raps Paul Azinger for tweet critical of ObamaESPN golf analyst and 1993 PGA Champion Paul Azinger isn’t shy about expressing his political views on Twitter -- or anywhere else. However, Azinger got a reprimand from ESPN for a tweet about President Obama, according to Emily Kay of the Waggle Room web site.
ESPN has reprimanded golf analyst Paul Azinger for using his Twitter account as a platform to rail against President Obama and his policies.
"Paul’s tweet was not consistent with our social media policy, and he has been reminded that political commentary is best left to those in that field," ESPN spokesperson Andy Hall told us in an e-mail Saturday.
North was referring to recent tweets from Azinger, a 12-time PGA tour winner before he enlisted with ESPN as a color commentator.
Here is the Azinger tweet that ran afoul of ESPN’s social-media policy: Paulazinger Bjorn focused on playing next Ryder Cup, not future captaincyThe resurgent Thomas Bjorn, who won the Euro Tour’s Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles on Sunday, is a potential Ryder Cup captain someday, but the 40-year-old Bjorn says he’s more interested in making the team for next year’s Ryder Cup.
Q. Asked you on Friday if winning here would add to being Ryder Cup Captain here. What's your answer to that now? THOMAS BJÖRN: Well, if you can play like I've done this week, you can be a player on the team. So let's focus on playing golf at the moment. I've said to you all the time, I think if any player has played in Ryder Cup or involved in The Ryder Cup was asked to be captain, they would never turn it down. But that's three years down the line, and you know, my good golf is good enough to make a team. I've just got to be more consistent. If I can get that right, I could make another team and that's certainly my first focus at the moment. But you know, what's going to happen in a few years' time; let's get Medinah out of the way and see what happens.
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