Thursday, June 30, 2011

Golf World's Dave Shedloski files a profile on Robert Garrigus, who's battled through addiction, attention deficit disorder and an embarrassing loss last year in Memphis to become a winner on the PGA Tour. Garrigus is also now exempt into the PGA Championship and next year's Masters and U.S. Open thanks to his T3 finish at Congressional.
But what stood out in the article was Garrigus admitting that he used to get high on the courseĀ (!) while playing the Tour, now known as the Nationwide Tour.

"Oh yeah, there were plenty of guys on the Nationwide Tour who smoked in the middle of the round," Garrigus says without blanching. "We always talked about it. You could go in the Porta John and take your drags.
"I had a very high tolerance, and I didn't know that it wasn't helping me," he says. "All you're thinking is that it feels good, so it must be good for what you're doing. It wasn't until I quit that I realized how stupid it was. But I don't regret any of it because it put me on the path I'm on now."
The period in question is the 2002 season, six years before the PGA Tour instituted drug testing. Ty Votaw, PGA Tour vice president of communications, said the tour had no comment.
Bubba Invades France when he faced the media on Wednesday
Q. I heard you went to Paris yesterday? BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, yesterday.
Q. Did you like -- what did you see? BUBBA WATSON: I don't know the names of all the things, the big tower, Eiffel Tower, an arch, whatever that -- I rode around in a circle. And then what's that -- it starts with an L, Louvre, something like that. One of those. And then we just went around to different shops, just kind of walked down the streets and went to different shops and just to see if there was anything we wanted to buy. Just kind of looked around and kind of [rode] around and really that's it, just to see stuff that we don't get to see normal[ly].
Kaymer's Bar Tab Must Be Huge Tweet of the Day Tweet

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