Monday, April 25, 2011

Presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump has been critical of President Obama’s handling of the economy, but he’s got generally positive things to say about Obama’s golf game, according to Golf World’s Tim Rosaforte.
However, Trump, who claims he would be the best presidential golfer if elected, says that Obama shouldn’t be playing golf while the United States is involved in the Libyan conflict.

“It’s a great game, but there’s a time to play and a time not to play,” Trump said. “When the U.S. is invading Libya, [the President] should not be out playing golf.”
Two Gloves Gainey is fan favorite at Hilton Head The South Carolina State newspaper has the details
Gainey ripped his hat from his head and started to slam it to the ground, but he stopped himself and rolled in his par putt.
Then he took off that cap one more time, and bowed to the crowd. He was unable to deliver the ending so many fans craved, but he could not have come so close without them.
“The fans have been unreal, unbelievable,” Gainey said. “I can say all the big words you want to hear, but it’s been awesome to be here this week, and it’s even better to play well in front of them, in front of the home folks for me.
“I just want to tip my cap to them for keeping me in it and keeping me positive. I really appreciate that.”
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as #1-that's the system-but I think system should give extra points for a Major win

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