Thursday, January 06, 2011

June4_woods_299x214 Tiger Woods and Golf Digest announced today that Woods would no longer contribute bylined instruction articles to the magazine. Woods will also be removed from the magazine’s masthead, where he held the title “exclusive playing editor.”
Golf Digest and Tiger Woods have mutually agreed to stop his monthly bylined articles,” said Golf Digest editor in chief Jerry Tarde. “His last regular column will appear in the February 2011 issue of Golf Digest, at which time he will also leave the masthead. We appreciate the insights Tiger has provided to our readers.”
Woods began working with Golf Digest in August 1997. In addition to providing monthly tips for Golf Digest, Woods collaborated with magazine editors for his 2001 book How I Play Golf. The magazine stopped running Woods’s instruction article in February 2010 following Woods’s sex scandals and his leave of absence from golf. Woods’s articles began appearing in Golf Digest again in September.
"The reality is his deal was up at the end of the year," Mark Steinberg, Woods's agent at IMG, told the Associated Press. "Because we're living in this digital world, they needed more time from him. He wasn't ready to commit to any additional time at this point with everything going on - trying to work on his swing and other things." Golf Digest and parent company Conde Nast have never publicly said how much its contract with Woods was worth. New York Post media writer Keith Kelly has valued the deal at $3 million per year
In his statement, Woods did not say whether he would continue writing golf instruction in other forums. His web site is frequently updated and Woods has also started a Twitter account.
“I enjoyed my relationship with Golf Digest, but we have decided it’s now time for a break,” Woods said, in a statement. “I wish my friends at Golf Digest continued success.” Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

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