Friday, December 03, 2010

Fat-Lee-WestwoodThe Silly Season used to be a time when we all watched Fred Couples play golf in Palm Springs, then back a forklift up to a stack of money and drive home with it. But in the absence of the Skins Game, the Silly Season today means following the world's best golfers on Twitter as they verbally spar with each other from all over the globe.
The fun began when Ian Poulter, who is playing this week in the Chevron World Challenge in Thousand Oaks, Calif., started playing with an iPhone App that makes people look fat. He was cracking himself and his one million Twitter followers up by posting images of a chunky Tiger Woods and a fat LeBron James. He also created a fat Lee Westwood [right], the world's No. 1 player.
(Check out more photos here.)
When Westwood, who is playing in the Nedbank Golf Challenge in Sun City, South Africa, saw Poulter's photos, he didn't hold back. Westwood-1  
Westwood then set his sites on Rory McIlroy, who earlier wrote how funny Poulter's pictures were. Westwood-2  
That did it. McIlroy, who just signed a deal with Oakley, wasn't going to let that comment simply pass. Rory-1  
Westwood, who was watching the Ashes Test cricket match between England and Australia, fired back. Westwood-3  
At that point, Bubba Watson, who was also in Thousand Oaks for the Chevron World Challenge, joined the discussion. Bubba-1  
  Rory-3 Bubba-2  
McIlroy will play with Tiger Woods on Friday at the Chevron World Challenge. Westwood-9  
Yeah, I miss watching Boom Boom in December, don't you?

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