Monday, September 13, 2010

UPDATE: Ian Poulter says via Twitter that the "Johnny Miller" hat was actually a joke from NBC announcer Brad Faxon: "The visor was signed by @bradfaxon good work brad I love the joke."

Johnny Miller is the Howard Stern of golf: You either love him or you love to hate him.
Ian Poulter belongs in the second category. After Miller criticized Poulter's play Satruday at the BMW Championship, Poulter went on Twitter to fire back at the NBC commentator and legendary player:

miller saying today I wasn't a good ball striker. I guess I do alright
for a duffer then. He talks such bollocks at times."
will have to try and win a couple of majors like him and see if I can
change his mind until then I'm happy being a overrated duffer"
But even the brash and pugnacious Poulter had to concede defeat in their mini-feud after Miller sent him this gift: Poulter_miller Johnny miller sent me this hat, hit more greens, 63 oakmont. well done Johnny. your a comedian not...

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