Monday, March 22, 2010

Ari Fleischer, former press secretary to President George W. Bush, is no longer working with Tiger Woods, according to The Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman.
feels like he’s becoming too big a part of the story,” Tilghman said
on the air Sunday after her interview with Woods at Isleworth Country Club in Orlando. “He
felt like that it was time for Tiger to have complete due* and his name
doesn’t need to keep coming up.”
After leaving the White House,
Fleischer started Ari Fleischer Sports Communications, a joint venture
with IMG, the sports-agency powerhouse that also represents Woods.
Fleischer had never confirmed or denied his involvement with Woods.
However, he was widely reported to have joined the Woods camp to help
manage Woods's re-entry to public life following Woods's highly public sex scandals. (Even the Dalai Lama heard about them.) Tilghman said Fleischer was not present for Sunday's interview, and that she was told he would not be advising Woods going forward. Some
reports said that Fleischer orchestrated Woods's public statement
of apology in February. Those presidential blue curtains should have been a dead
Before Woods, Fleischer's most notable client was
disgraced slugger Mark McGwire. Under Fleischer's guidance, McGwire
returned to baseball as a Cardinals hitting coach after admitting he
used steroids.
Woods, who is known to give nicknames to his friends
and associates, wouldn't have had to think of one for Fleischer. Former
President Bush already nicknamed him "Ari-Bob." *I have no idea what Tilghman means by "complete due."

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