Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What ever happened to Tiger Woods? For a guy who has disappeared for two months, he still generates a lot of publicity.
The most recent series of rumors about his return starts with a report from gossip site that Woods will tee it up in the made-for-TV Tavistock Cup, a friendly, limited-invitation tournament between teams of pros from Lake Nona and Tiger's home course, Isleworth. The two-day exhibition will be played March 22-23. 
Steve Elling of responded positively to the rumor:

Of all the bob-and-weave, duck-and-cover, rope-a-dope moves Woods has
made over the years to avoid the limelight and escape accountability,
this might be his most masterful idea... which means that on his first day back on the job, he can
walk to work. Just to set the geography for you, Woods could hit his
first public shot since last fall on a practice range located 50 yards
from his driveway, not to mention the most famous fire hydrant
in Orlando.

Extra New York Post
the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that developers of Punta Brava some dramatic oceanfront land overlooking Todos Santos Bay

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