Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman said Tuesday that Tiger Woods
will be cited for careless driving as the result of his one-car
accident early Friday morning. The penalty for not driving "in a
careful and prudent manner" is a $164 fine and four points on Woods'
Florida driver's license."Mr. Woods has satisfied the
requirements of Florida law, and the Florida Highway Patrol's
investigation is completed," the spokeswoman said. She added that there
were no claims of domestic violence by anyone involved in the case and
"no additional evidence of any kind to warrant further investigation."The
spokeswoman said that the Florida Highway Patrol worked with the
Florida state's attorney's office and determined there was insufficient
evidence to issue subpoenas for Woods's medical records following the
crash. The Florida Highway Patrol will have no further comment on the
case. Full reports of the investigation will be made available to the
media at a cost of $10.

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