Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This morning, as People Magazine is reporting that Elin Woods has decided to leave Tiger, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is taking wagers on exactly how large a divorce settlement would be.

The gambling house has set the odds at 6-to-4 for less than $100 million; 1-to-2 for $100 million to $500 million; and 25-to-1 for more than $500 million. Punters can also wager on which, if any, of Tiger's current sponsors will be next to end an endorsement deal. Those odds break down like this:11/8   AT&T9/4    Gillette7/2    TLC Laser Eye Centers6/1    Upper Deck8/1    NetJets10/1  Electronic Arts16/1  Golf Digest33/1  Nike40/1  TitleistThe odds on Titleist dropping Woods are especially interesting because Tiger doesn't have an endorsement deal with that company.

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