Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Florida Highway Patrol has released the 911 call made by a neighbor after Tiger Woods's single-car crash early Friday morning near his home in Windermere, Fla. According to the accident report, Woods ran over a fire hydrant at 2:25 a.m. and then smashed into a tree. (Read more about the accident.) The call doesn't reveal much new information, but it's interesting that the caller never says that the injured neighbor is Tiger Woods, and he also makes no mention of Woods's wife, Elin, being on the scene of the accident. Click on the bar below to hear a recording of the call; a transcript is also below.

The Associated Press listened to the 911 call reporting Tiger Woods'
auto accident and created the following transcript. Dispatcher 1 is the
Orange County Sheriff's dispatcher. Dispatcher 2 is the Orange County
Fire-Rescue dispatcher.
Dispatcher 1: 911 what's your emergency?Caller:
I have, this is, uh ... (redacted) in the Isleworth subdivision. I need
an ambulance immediately. I have someone down in front of my house.
They hit a pole. I came out to see.Dispatcher 1: Is it a car accident, sir?(inaudible)Dispatcher 1: Sir, is it a car accident? Hello? Sir? Hello?Caller: Hello, yes.Dispatcher 1: Is it a car accident, sir?Caller: It's a car accident, yes. I need, yes.Dispatcher 1: Now are they trapped inside of the vehicle?Caller: No, they're laying on the ground now.Dispatcher 1: OK, stay on the line for medical. Don't hang up, OK? And it's in front of your house, correct?(inaudible)Caller: And get some water.Dispatcher 1: OK, sir, medical is on the line sir, OK?Dispatcher 2: Fire-rescue. What's the address?(redacted)Caller: Yes, Windermere, Florida, in the Isleworth subdivision.Dispatcher 2: What happened? What's wrong?Caller: I have a neighbor, he hit the tree. And we came out here just to see what was going on. I see him and he's laying down.Dispatcher 2: There was an auto accident?Caller: An auto accident, yes.Dispatcher 2: OK, is he outside or inside his car?(inaudible)Dispatcher
2: Sir, your phone broke up. I heard inside. You there? Your phone
broke up there. Can you repeat your phone number for me?(redacted)Dispatcher 2: Is he unconscious?Caller: Yes.Dispatcher 2: OK, are you able to tell if he's breathing?Caller: No, I can't tell right now.Dispatcher 2: OK. We do have help on the way. What color is his car, too?Caller: It's a black Escalade.(Background, woman yelling): WHAT HAPPENED?Dispatcher 2: Is anyone able to open the door?Caller: We're trying to figure out right now.Dispatcher 1: Is he trapped inside of the vehicle or is he outside on the ground?Caller:
We're just trying get the police here right now. We don't know what
happened. We're figuring that out right now. I'm on the phone with the
police right now.Dispatcher 2: Your phone's breaking up. Can you hear me though, sir?Caller: Yes.Dispatcher
2: While we have paramedics on the way, I'm just gonna stay on the
phone with you. If you find out further just let me know. I'm going to
stay on the phone, OK?Caller: Hello.Dispatcher 2: I'm here.Caller: Yes.Dispatcher 2: OK. We got paramedics on the way, but I'm going to stay on the phone in case you find out further.Caller: OK, OK, thank you.Dispatcher 1: Sir, is he on the ground or is he in the car?Caller: Yes, he's on the ground.Dispatcher 2: Hello, you there still?Caller: Yes, I'm still here.Dispatcher 2: OK. All right. Your phone's real staticky, but we're still here.Caller: OK.Dispatcher 2: As soon as I know I'll let you know how far away they are, too.Caller: OK. OK.Dispatcher 2: Are you with him right now?Caller: Yes, I'm with him right now.Dispatcher 2: OK, tell me how he's breathing if you're able.Caller: Take it easy.(inaudible)Dispatcher 2: You said he is breathing?Dispatcher 1: Hello, sir, are you there?Dispatcher 1: Hello?Dispatcher 2: I heard a click ...Dispatcher 1: Yeah, I'm hearing that, too. Hello?Dispatcher
2: Oh, his phone must have gone out of range. Looked like he was on a
house phone so when he went to the exit he probably lost his
connection. We do have help on the way, we should be there in just a
couple of minutes.Dispatcher 1: OK. We're going, too.Dispatcher 2: OK. Appreciate that. Thank you.Dispatcher 1: You're welcome.Tiger Crash: Photos from outside Isleworth neighborhood Tiger Woods: A Life in Pictures | Photos: Charlie and Sam Woods | SI Covers: Tiger Woods 

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