Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sports Illustrated senior writer Damon Hack answered readers' questions live on Twitter on Wednesday. A few highlights are below:mtidmore Is there a long shot out there you think could win? Steve Jones and Michael Campbell did it.Hack: This course
doesn't lend itself to underdogs. I do like a couple of the younger
players, Sean O'Hair and Nick Watney. Big hitters, tour winners both.
CoachMcQuade Why isn't there anyone on tour who is as good at getting out of trouble as Tiger?Hack: Tiger jokes
practice (cause he's always in trees) but also strength, imagination
and guts to try tough shots under fire during tournaments.
mtidmore Can you talk about the course. What will be the toughest hole, easiest hole or a hole that could be the difference on Sunday.Hack: 459-yard Par 4
15th was toughest in '02, should be again, espec soggy. Uphill
approach, sloped green. 158-yard par 3 14th should be cake.
grousehouse Won't the rain, in a way, actually help the short hitters by softening the greens so they hold long iron approaches better?Hack: Somewhat, but
they will still be far behind long hitters and, if in the rough, not
nearly as strong advancing -- and controlling -- approaches.
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