Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I never have been a Michelle Wie fan. Call me a mean girl. I probably deserve
it -- I rooted for her to not make it through Q-school after all. In
my defense, I was just tired of hearing about her. She barely accomplished anything and was handed a sweet Nike contract and exemptions
to wherever she wanted to play --- on the women's or men's tours. But
most of all, she just had zero personality and was not relatable. Then
came Twitter. I think one of the better things that came out of the
summit the LPGA
held earlier this season was all the players joining
the social networking site. It's given fans a new kind of access. Reading the tweets, you see a different side of players than typically comes across in their practiced press conferences. There's insight into their golf games, sure, but you also get a fun look at their off-course lives. Maybe I didn't need to know when Christina Kim was taking a bath, but I found it amusing when Paula Creamer tweeted that she had just tried chocolate milk for the first time ever. (Seriously, Paula?) Their individual personalities really come through, in 140 characters or less. And suddenly the 19-year-old star isn't this hollow player I watch on tour anymore.  She's your typical college student.Found
out i'm living on the same floor as all of my football boys nxt year at
Stanford! Soo excited!! Get ready for some crazy stories! :)
3:01 PM May 30th from TwitterFonAn avid basketball fan.can they stop calling fouls on howard??? gawwwddd... i mean hes just trying to do work...simmer down 7:31 PM May 28th from webKind of a dork.Did u know that the word "almost" is the longest word in english where the letters are in alphabetical order? 9:53 AM May 28th from TwitterFonAnd best of all, she has a sense of humor. so
i was thinking...whoever is here this week in springfield should make
posters that say "SIGN YOUR SCORECARD!" and wave em to me after 18.
about 17 hours ago from webThere seemed to be an iciness toward Wie from the players on tour prior to her making it through Q-school. When she got her tour card, she got a new respect from her fellow players, which Twitter amplifies in the interactions she has with some of the game's biggest names: Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel and Christina Kim. She's just one of the girl's now. So, I
take back the mean things I said, and I will not protest each
tournament week when we ask "will this be the week she gets her first win?" Because I'll be wondering too. Following her tweets. And maybe even
rooting for her. She is a pretty decent golfer after all. Follow Michelle Wie on Twitter

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