Friday, May 15, 2009

Tony Romo, everybody's favorite starlet-dating, golf-playing NFL
quarterback, caught some flack Thursday from former Tampa Bay lineman Warren
Sapp, who said that Romo's passion for golf hurts his play on the
football field when it matters most.Sapp was one of the game's most
vocal and entertaining players, and he's kept a high
profile since retiring, appearing on Dancing With the Stars and
Showtime's Inside the NFL. On an live chat, Sapp took a
question from a reader about whether Romo's dream of qualifying for the
U.S. Open
was the reason behind his poor playoff performances.

Tate, Atlanta: What do you think on romo not being focused on football by trying to get in the us open?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network: That's why his record is what it is in December and January.

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