Friday, May 15, 2009

Not on a the twitter train? No worries, here's our weekly wrap up of the highlights you missed from the Tour members that tweet. - Short-game guru and advisor to Phil Mickelson, Dave Pelz caught the twitter bug this week, musing about both science and golf.  Padraig
Harrington on poor play: "It's an interesting game, playing bad at
times is just the nature of it". We can all learn from this!
Sitting with @thechristinakim and @mfrancella at dinner. It is so loud we have to scream across the table... not a corn guy but I love homemade mashed taters lots of butter. Although, he won't be enjoying one traditional Irish beverage while there for the Irish Open this weekend: really not a guiness guy especially with this lap band doesn't go downHope everyone
enjoyed their rest last night! Too bad you weren't on the redeye with
me back from Vegas. Guy puking in bag across isle
Nobody likes a puker on a plane.Hays KS, 1250 miles since sun valley sun morning, windy ride over continental divide and across KS tstorms in MO tomorrowAnd the Top Tour Twit This Week: Met with the
Korean Ambassador to the United Nations. Now waiting for the Korean
Consul General. Secretary General is unavailable!!! Booo!!!
This, however, was her top tweet of the week: Was doing the
Sprinkler in the shower. Thought I was doing a crazy good job till I
realized it was the showerhead spitting water, not my arm

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