Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looking for more yards off the tee? C'mon, get Happy.In a fascinating segment, the Fox Sports Net show Sport Science tests whether the Happy Gilmore's running-start, hockey-style golf swing would actually produce more yards than a traditional drive. (Here's the part where I would give a brief synopsis of the 1996 Adam Sandler movie, but if you haven't seen it you should be reading this web site instead.)The test subject for Sport Science is probably the least likely Happy Gilmore on the PGA Tour, mild-mannered Irishman and player of the year Padraig Harrington. However, Harrington, who's confessed to being an Eminem fan, might have a touch of the Irish rougue in him. At the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, Calif., Harrington does a picture-perfect Happy Gilmore swing. (His footwork is remarkable, much more impressive than Sandler, who is himself a physically gifted actor.) The best part of all is that the Happy Gilmore swing works. The wider shoulder turn and added swing speed from the running start add 30 yards to Harrington's drives, although he won't break out his Happy swing on Tour because he'd lose to much accuracy. Check it out here:

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