Thursday, April 09, 2009

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Only at Augusta National can some damp grass get treated like a crime scene, but that’s what unfolded to the right of the second green this morning. The mysterious wet spot—some 10 square feet in area—appeared some time after 10 a.m., immediately drawing the attention of Masters officials. By 10:30, two yellow-capped marshals, a security guard and a gentleman in a blue blazer had encircled the blemish to prevent patrons from strolling through it. When traffic really picked up, the four officials resembled linemen trying to protect their quarterback. "It's Bud Light," one of the marshals quipped to a curious spectator. Actually, it was water, the result of a faulty sprinkler head buried beneath the grass. Eventually a couple of groundskeepers showed up with four green stakes and some yellow rope, and cordoned off the spot. The officials looked relieved.

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