Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Daly-masters To the deep trove of Masters traditions, we can officially add John Daly hawking his wares outside the gates of Augusta National. J.D., who in 2007 spent Masters week selling his Lion clothing line outside the Hooters on Washington Road, is at it again — this time beside a Washington Road jewelry store, just a three-minute walk from the club. Daly declined to chat this morning as he unloaded boxes of hats and shirts and carefully placed them on a table outside his coach bus. But he looked downright trim by his standards, having shed some 40 pounds in recent months. “J.D., looking good, dog!” one fan hollered as he strolled by Daly’s bus. “Love you, man!” cried another.    Daly is still serving a six-month suspension from the PGA Tour. He recently said he has spent that time working on both his game and his physique, and he is scheduled to play the European Tour’s Spanish Open in three weeks. Daly has played in 12 Masters. His last appearance was in 2006. (Robert Beck/SI)

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