Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Price-is-right-putt_200 LPGA star Natalie Gulbis is hot enough to have been one of Barker’s Beauties from The Price Is Right, but she appeared on the show Tuesday to help the contestants
win prizes not showcase them (although she’s still a pretty good model for
sponsor TaylorMade). Gulbis first appeared to help contestant "Zachary" with his putting skills. The 2007 Evian Masters winner suggested he "breathe" and "take a practice swing." Despite Gulbis’ advice, Zachary still skulled the putt, but it bounced off the
back wall surrounding the green and slipped in the hole to win .. A BRAND NEW CAR! Cue the jumping and screaming.Price-is-right-gulbis_200Gulbis then returned at the end of the show in the final Showcase Showdown. For some reason, Contestant No. 1 turned down the hot tub and huge flat screen TV to see the second showcase. Luckily, Gulbis was behind door No. 2.  Her showcase started with TaylorMade gear and -- are you ready for it? -- a trip to
Las Vegas, which included lunch with Natalie, and one-on-one time with her on
the golf course over nine holes. Not enough Natalie? The showcase also included
a trip to the 2009 Women's British Open! Oh yeah, and they threw in a digital
camera and $2,000 in debit cards ... with Gulbis's face on them.Unfortunately for the contestant her price was wrong -- a few hundred dollars over the actual retail
value, which on The Price Is Right is like laying up into trouble on the golf
course. That’s why when we finally get on The Price Is Right, our showcase guess
will be $1.Price-is-right_200

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