Saturday, March 14, 2009

By Paul MahoneyContributor to Golf MagazineShortly after signing for a 4-under 68 on Saturday, Tiger Woods said that he has seen the future of golf and his name is Rory McIlroy. The World No.1 said that the 19-year-old from Belfast, Northern Ireland has what it takes to get to the top spot in golf. "There's no doubt," Woods said. "But hopefully it's not while I'm around," he added, laughing. "Certainly he has the talent. We can all see it. The way he hits the ball, the way he putts, the way he can chip, and get up-and-down. He has the composure and all the components to be the best player in the world. It's just a matter of time and experience and then gaining that experience in big events. That just takes time and, I mean, geez, he's only 19. Just give him some time and I'm sure he'll be there."

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