Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OK. Now I've heard everything. A story saying that Paul Azinger, Cap'n America, is worried that he might have picked the wrong assistant captains. As if any Ryder Cup has ever been influenced in any meaningful way by the assistant captains. For starters, Azinger's assistants are Raymond Floyd and Dave Stockton. Both of them, and Floyd especially, are everything the modern American Tour player is not: flinty, tough, hyper-competitive, unspoiled. Having said that, they'll do a whole lot of nothing. But for the kids on the U.S. team, being around these two veterans -- a pro's pro in Stockton's case and the son of a pro in Floyd's -- will only serve them well. If they're smart enough to ask questions and listen hard. The wrong assistants? There are no wrong assistants and no right ones, but these guys are good. Oh, and they were on teams that actually won the Ryder Cup.

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