Friday, July 18, 2008

Funky [adjective]1. Different but cool/nice2. A bad smell Source:, an online American slang dictionary Camilo Villegas is a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, but his college days have made him as fluent in American slang as any University of Florida frat boy. He used “funky” repeatedly at a press conference following his scorching five-birdie finish Friday. July18_villegas_299x267 The 17th green? “Funky.”Playing British links golf? “Funky.”Imaginative shots? “Funky.”
Some English reporters asked for clarification on the word. Over here “funky” can also mean a little off, in a bad way. As in, “Some of Phil’s shots yesterday looked a little funky.”
“Camilo, you used the work ‘funky’ once or twice earlier. Can you go into a little bit why you think this is funky and tell us whether you’re actually enjoying having to play golf that you wouldn’t play every week?”
Rest assured, zealous guardians of British links golf (and you are legion): Camilo meant “funky” in a good way.
“When I say funky, I obviously don’t mean anything bad,” Camilo explained. “I’m just saying it’s so different than what we’re used to... I mean, I love playing here.”
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