Friday, July 25, 2008

Duke_range Andrew Giuliani and his mother, Donna Hanover, met with reporters on Thursday at the driving range at Randall's Island. As he beat balls off a mat, he talked about his lawsuit against Duke, which accuses the university of dismissing him from the team without just cause and of dashing his hopes of becoming a pro. But it also emerged that he's seeking lifetime playing privileges at Duke's facilities. According to The Times: In the suit, Andrew Giuliani is asking for damages and for the right to
use Duke’s golf center for the rest of his life, as he said he was
promised when he was recruited to play for the school.
While it looked like a very nice range at Randall's Island, especially by New York City standards, losing out on a neverending pass to the spread at Duke (above right) definitely seems worth going to court over. The school's Web site describes the practice facilities this way: The practice and chipping greens total over
20,000 square feet of putting surface and are carefully maintained to
match the speed of the greens on the course. You can really give your
"short game" a great workout here! 
The driving range is also enormous, with more than 40 hitting stations. The
Duke men's and women's golf teams have their own practice areas, so
don't worry about being crowded!

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