Monday, June 16, 2008

No. 3, par 3, 195 yardsAt the greenWoods hits a great bunker shot from that lie, but it came out hot. Has work left, probably eight feet. On the teeWoods puts a 7-iron short and left, and his ball buries in the bunker. Fried egg. Trouble. HOLY COW ROCCO! He burned the edge and nearly made a hole in one. Short putt left for birdie. ** Woods E, Mediate +1 ** No. 2, par 4, 389 yardsAt the greenMediate catches a good lie, but has an awkward stance. Feet way below the ball. Beautiful chip to about five fee. A knee-knocker. Woods hits a bad chip. Way short. Tiger putts first and drains it for par; Mediate is also safely in for par. Second ShotsWoods is a little short and right, not good  but not too bad. Mediate is way short and right, not good at all.  Tee ShotsWoods is way left with his drive, in the rough. Rocco is in first cut of rough, right side, with a much better angle for his approach shot. BROADCAST NOTE: As the players walked to the their balls, ESPN cut to a pre-recorded interview with Mediate. But instead of the interview, all viewers could hear were birds chirping. A very pleasant soundtrack, but not all that compelling.
This from David Dusek in San Diego: "In case you were wondering, if this playoff goes 18 holes and is still tied,
Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate will simply keep playing without a break until a
winner." ** Woods E, Mediate +1 ** No. 1, par 4, 448 yardsAt the greenRocco's bunker shot is close, in good position to save par, but he missed the putt. Bogey. Woods misses the birdie putt, makes the short one for a routine par. Second shotsFrom 176 yards, Rocco is short and right, in a bunker, but with a good lie. Woods puts his shot just left of the hole in great position -- 15 or 20 feet for birdie. Advantage, Woods. Tee shotsRocco's drive is in the fairway, great position. Woods, trying to reverse his lousy record at the first during this Open, starts it right but catches a break. His ball lands in short rough, just right of the fairway and just left of a bunker, and kicks left into the fairway. Both players are sitting pretty for their second shots. NoonThe players are on the first tee and ready to play. 11:55 amHere's Cameron Morfit's take on Rocco's red-shirt move: "Rocco Mediate's decision to wear a red shirt, matching Tiger's typical
crunch-time color, is hardly coincidental. It's a classic poker move by
a guy who played in the 2005 World Series of Poker. Woods appeared to
get a kick out of Mediate's color choice when the two shook hands,
laughing before starting his warm-up." 11:50 amWe have this report from Paul Mahoney in San Diego: "Rocco Mediate is
wearing red. Doesn't he know that no one but Tiger wears red in the
final round of a major, even if it is on a Monday? The last player who
attempted to steal Tiger's power color was England's Luke Donald in the
final round of the 2006 PGA Championship at Medinah. Three holes in and
Donald was five shots back. Watch out Rocco." 11:45 amNo TV in the office? Wondering how to follow today's U.S. Open playoff between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate? Tune in to the Press Tent blog for live play-by-play and analysis, starting at noon EST.

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