Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sergio Garcia was right when he said Tiger Woods is like Big
--he stays the favorite even when he’s not 100 percent.

Like Big Brown’s injured hoof, Tiger Woods’ surgically
repaired knee hasn’t scared away many gamblers. Caesar’s Palace still has Woods
at the top of the board despite the fact that he’s not played competitively
since the Masters, according to Chuck Esposito, Assistant Vice President Race
and Sports at Caesar's Palace, Las
Woods was an even-money bet when the
odds were posted two months ago. Since then he’s dropped margially to 6 to 5
odds, meaning a $5 bet wins you $6, not a great payday considering he’s up
against 155 other players.

Esposito compared the growth in golf wagering to the
increase in wagers on NASCAR. And like NASCAR’s Daytona 500, Esposito said golf’s
first major is its biggest in terms of gambling.

He said he expects the industry-wide total wagering on the
U.S. Open this week to be in the “six figures.” By comparison, Las Vegas gamblers will bet millions on the
NBA Finals, Esposito said.

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