Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's a weird Players without Tiger Woods. There is none of the usual focus, no real favorite. Phil Mickelson, the defending champ, has been off his game lately. He may well win, but it's hardly a consensus feeling right now. Snedeker_250
So PGA Tour officials are bringing a select few players to the media center today for interviews to generate preview stories. Brandt Snedeker, the Cinderella kid from the Masters, was one of them.
Everybody was happy to see Snedeker. He's nice, he's upbeat, he's fun, he's got a pleasant personality and he's not full of himself. Actually, only one person is known to be unhappy to see him. That's the stenographer, who is employed to take down the quotes of the golfers (just like they do in a courtroom) and print up the transcripts.
Snedeker is a fast talking guy. I mean, supersonic fast.
"You're my biggest challenge," the stenographer, Kristen, told Snedeker before the interview started, "because you talk so fast."
Snedeker laughed and said he was trying to slow down, but he just can't.
After the interview was done, after Snedeker had spewed words long and fast and left the stage, the stenographer took off her earphones and sat back in her chair and took a break.
"Just shoot me," she said.
For the record, I didn't.
(Photo: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

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