Sawgrass, home of the no-name finish

It should be obvious now why the last three holes at the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass don't have a nickname. The suggestions sent into per my request in the past month had one thing in common -- they all pretty much stunk.

That includes my own nominees -- "the Bermuda Triangle" (it's the only significant tournament played on Bermuda grass), "Dye Hard III," and the latest idea I've been grappling with, something with the word "dozen" or "12" -- the last three holes add up to par 12. So the "Dirty Dozen," "Breaker's Dozen," "the Big Bad 12," "the Titanic 12" -- I don't know. Maybe there's something there, maybe not.

Of the other nominees, "the Crucible" didn't do it for me. I hated NBC's attempt at coining a phrase, "Run the Gantlet." There were a surprising number that were incredibly lame.

So I think we're back to square one. If we can't come up with a great, apropos nickname, let's just leave it alone. The island-green 17th hole has its own identity. It doesn't need a hokey tag, just like Babe Ruth didn't need a contrived label like Sultan of Swat. He was, and is, The Babe.

In this case, no name is a good name. If you'd like to try naming those last three holes, my advice is to keep it to yourself. But thanks for the effort.

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by Kevin Cunningham