Friday, May 23, 2008

First it was GHIN. Now it’s GPS.
Months after data procured from the Golf Handicap and Information Network, the USGA's handicap service, confirmed that a couple of Wall Street titans were teeing it up as their banks tanked, a city employee in Chicago has been nabbed for playing golf on the job (PGOJ) by a global positioning system device imbedded in his cell phone. 
“That’s apparently what happened this week, landing the city’s $106,115-a-year superintendent of sewers in the disciplinary equivalent of a sand trap,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported today.
“Winston Cole has been placed on administrative leave with pay after he was tracked to an unidentified suburban golf course when he was supposed to be on the clock at the Water Management Department's South District headquarters, 1054 W. 95th St.”
Sigh. This trend is like some Ray Bradbury-scripted nightmare. What ever happened to the days when a guy could cut out of work for a quick round without having to worry about some acronym ratting him out? Sure, this dude was dawdling on city time, but he’s the superintendent of sewers. A walk on a golf course is probably just what he needed.

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