Thursday, May 08, 2008

Goydos_300 Paul Goydos did something the other day that few tour pros do or have probably ever done. During Thursday's first round at the Players, Goydos wore a cap that he bought himself at a Lids store in the airport after his contract with Pep Boys ran out. (You can almost sense the pros and golf writers of America shrinking back in horror, can't you?)
It was a Long Beach State (his alma mater) baseball cap, sporting an LB logo on the front. On the bill it had the team's nickname in script: Dirtbags.
Tour players buy caps about as often as they pay for balls, clubs, rental cars or greens fees. That is, never. But Goydos has always been a wonderful Everyman in golf, a player without much ego. He has a self-deprecating streak that has earned him the slightly sarcastic nickname of Sunshine.
Well, Sunshine shot 68 on Thursday, a pretty impressive performance for a guy who had never broken 70 at the Stadium Course in his entire career. "It's a hard course," he said. "Why I have never had any success here, I couldn't answer."
And if he did know, he'd probably keep it under his hat.
(Photo: Stan Badz/PGA TOUR/Getty Images)

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