Friday, April 11, 2008

Weirbag_200 The best looking golf bag at Augusta National this week--subjective alert; subjective alert--has to be the special edition, just-for-the-Masters TaylorMade bag, rubber-and-pleather, black, white and Carolina Blue, going so well against the Fertilizer Green of Augusta National.
In the Augusta bag room, the bags are segregated by brand. In the TaylorMade 'hood are the bags of Justin Rose, Retief Goosen, Scott Verplank, David Toms, Mike Weir (his bag, right), Peter Lonard, Vaughn Taylor and Richard Sterne. Each player was given two bags, one for the week of the tournament -- that goes back to Taylormade to be used for charitable purposes -- and a nice keepsake.
What makes the bag so especially good-looking is a little tag sewn on the front made to make it look like a vintage Masters admissions tag, or a circa-1970 greens fee ticket, with the little brass ring and string. At the top of it are three outlines of the greens on 11, 12 and 13 and underneath are praying hands. In the upper-right corner are the initials "A.P." and "1958," a nod to Arnold Palmer, who won his first Masters in 1958. Below are the initials "H.W.W." A prize -- free access to the website -- to any reader who can identify what those initials stand for.
Jack Taylor, caddying for his son, Vaughn, in the Wednesday Par-3 Tournament, said, "I know this, I know this, I know this -- they told me this." No credit. Scott Verplank knew right away. Hint: five syllables.
Scottie Martin, Lonard's looper, said one especially cool feature about the bag -- we think he was being literal -- was a water cooler pocket lined with that crinkly aluminum material like you see in an attic or a lunch box. Lonard, on his fairway woods, was also using the old-style pompom headcovers provided for Masters week.
His driver headcover was the red-and-yellow space-age looking thing that goes so well with the bag he'll go back to using next week at Hilton Head. (Photo: John W. McDonough/SI)

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