Friday, April 11, 2008

April11_boo_600x399_2 My newest golf hero is Boo Weekley. The man's a golfing genius, in the tradition of Ian Woosnam, Sandy Lyle, Fred Couples, Payne Stewart,  Billy Casper. Keep it simple. The swing is beautiful. One plane, back and down, not an extra move, nothing hitchy, just great. But here's the best part. He played Augusta National in the first round of the Masters and did not know that 15 is a par 5.
It is, of course, one of the most famous par-5s in golf, but who cares? The beauty thing about not knowing is that it shows that Mr. Boo  is doing exactly what you're supposed to do: play the hole (and every other one) in the fewest strokes possible. Par be damned. Drive it good on 15--borrowing Boo grammar here--it's a two-shotter. Drive it bad, it's a three-shotter. Point of fact, if Boo could putt like Tiger, he'd be Phil. Really. He'd be the second best golfer in the world. (Photo: Robert Beck/SI)

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