Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hilton Head is a party town. There are restaurants and bars all around the lighthouse, and a common sight on the course is the kid on spring break in flip-flops, drink in hand. It's not sloppy drinking, like you might see in the French Quarter in New Orleans or in Fort Lauderdale, but in Hilton Head the party starts early and ends late.
And then there's a world away, maybe a half-mile across a briny bay from the Hilton Head lighthouse, on the island called Daufuskie. Maybe you've read the Pat Conroy book, "The Water is Wide," about his experiences teaching on that island, long before golf ever came there. Now there are three courses on the island. It's a resort, but it's still a world away. There are no cars on the island, no bars, just a few restaurants -- and 63 holes of golf.
Matt Kuchar, the Tour player, took the small, charming water taxi to the island on Wednesday and played the Rees Jones course there. The brackish breeze on the trip over will clear the cobwebs. Maybe that helps one's golf, maybe it doesn't. No matter. A change of scenery is a good thing.

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