Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tielmans_sleeperAhh, the ear-kissing sounds of Augusta: Chirping birds. Applauding patrons. Snoring Idahoans.
Wylie Griffith, 64, from Boise, didn't mean to disturb the peace early Friday morning at the 9th green. He was merely catching some Z's. Play had not yet reached the 18th hole, so Griffith, tuckered from a couple late nights, splayed himself across three chairs into a lumbar-twisting pose that would make a Cirque du Soleil acrobat wince. He dozed off, and players and patrons at nearby 9 were soon startled by… the sound of a cow giving birth? A fork stuck in a garbage disposal?
It was Griffith snoring.
"Sorry about that," a refreshed Griffith said greenside at 18 Friday afternoon. "I was out judging a bikini contest at Hooters the other night, and also had a late night last night. The marshal was real nice. He said, 'Hey, you have to wake up. You’re bothering people on the ninth.' "
Rising at 6:30 to nab this prime real estate was worth it, said Griffith, a first-time patron, pointing toward Camilo Villegas stalking a putt mere yards away. "Beautiful course, best seat in the house--and great sleeping conditions."
Really? No complaints about Augusta?
"It could only be better if they had cocktail waitresses out here."
And maybe some cots. (Al Tielemans/SI)

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