Why No. 288 Will Never Catch No. 1

Todd Points
Robbie McClaran/SI


Age 37
Occupation Insurance Agent
Height 6'2"
Weight 200 lbs
Handicap Scratch
Low lifetime round 65 (In a tournament)
Average birdies per round 5
Average pars per round 9
Average bogeys per round 3
Average double-bogeys per round 1
Average fairways hit 55% over his last three tournaments
Average greens hit 76% over his last three tournaments
Average putts per round 331.5 over his last three tournaments "'That's probably why I didn't win."
Driving distance 300+ yards

Boise, Idaho

EXERCISE REGIMEN Stretching, focusing on hamstrings to avoid back trouble. Stays active bird-hunting and skiing in winter. Plays basketball and some fast-pitch softball at the end of the summer.

ATHLETICISM Points played football in college, quit, then returned to school at Albertson College [in Idaho], where he walked on and played number one on the golf team as a junior and senior.

INSTRUCTION Points has no coach. "People have looked at my swing and I've been videotaped. For me it comes down to tempo."


PLAYING HABITS "Before tournament season starts, I try to play at least two money games a week. We get between five and 10 scratch or better players, amateurs and pros, and another 10 single-digit guys." [Points has won as much as $350 in a day.] "In tournament season I'll play once a week plus a tournament on the weekend."

SELF-ANALYSIS, PART I: MIDDLE-GAME BLUES "I don't hit my mid-irons 10 percent of the time on Idaho courses. I'll hit driver-wedge or a shorter iron shot. That's why I don't think a lot of Idaho amateurs do well when they play in bigger tourneys. I played the Pacific Coast Amateur at Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes two years ago, and talk about a wake-up call. That place crushed me."

LIFESTYLE Points drives a high-mileage 2001 Ford Expedition; wife Michelle, an attorney, has a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta. Their household income is between $100,000 and $150,000, and they are building a home west of Boise.

SELF-ANALYSIS, PART II "I went to the 2000 PGA Championship and watched the pros hit irons, and they were more consistent but I could hit a lot of those shots. Then I watched them chip and putt and I wouldn't bet $1 against the worst putter and chipper out there! They were so focused, so committed to their routine, and that's something I tried to incorporate into my own game. But it's not a career for me. If my schedule works out I'll win one or two tournaments in a summer. Golf doesn't really start for me until May, and over an eight-month schedule I'll play four rounds a week on average. I hit it really long and have trouble fading the ball. There are probably a million guys out there who are scratch. [According to the latest USGA figures, more than 306,000 men are scratch or lower.] There's no way to know how big the gap is unless you try to close it."

PRACTICE HABITS "There's a golf course one minute from my office, so every lunch I'll hit two shag bags of 125-, 100- and 60-yard shots. There are probably 50-70 balls per shag bag, so that's about 110 wedges, three to four days a week, for eight months. I'll work on my putting probably once a week."

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