Power Through Tall Grass
Power Through Tall Grass
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Mark Hackett has four simple moves to get you out of the deep rough and back in play. Go to Video»

Improve Your Technique

The Automatic Lob Shot
Automatic Lob Shot
As seen in the December issue of Golf Magazine, Top 100 Teacher Laird Small says to avoid hazards with ease with this simple technique.

If All Else Fails ...

The Proper Way to Throw Your Club
How to Throw Your Club
Everyone gets angry on the course. Charlie King shows you how to send that anger, and your club, into a watery grave.

More Trouble Tips

Don't Let a Divot Ruin Your Round
Beat Fairway Divots
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Gary Wiren shows how to hit an iron shot from even the deepest fairway divot.
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