Hitting the ball far is fine, but controlling your wedges will lead to more birdies.
Graham Gaches
By Golf.com Staff
Saturday, November 26, 2016

Unless you're a Tour pro, you probably don't reach many par 5s in two. That's why it's so important to consistently hit your approach shots tight with your wedges. It's the way weekend players can birdie longer holes: Boom it down the fairway, lay up to a favorite wedge distance and knock it stiff! Here are a few simple keys to help you wedge it close.


At address, set your knees closer to the target than you would for a full swing. This moves your body weight forward and places your sternum (i.e., your shirt buttons) more on top of the ball, which is vital to hitting down and through the ball and generating green-grabbing spin. Once you set up this way, simply think about keeping your sternum on top of the ball as you turn your chest back and through.

Graham Gaches


As you swing back to the top, feel as though your left arm is pinned to your chest. This connection promotes greater accuracy and control, and wedge play is about distance control, not power. If your left arm "separates" from your body on the backswing, you'll likely open the clubface and hit the ball poorly. Start with your left arm on top of your chest at address, and keep it there for solid contact and laser-like wedges.

Graham Gaches


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