Throw in a Towel: Three Drills to Save You Strokes

Swing Tips: Rotate While Maintaining Your Posture
Using GOLF's Full Swing Golf simulator, Top 100 Teacher Jason Carbone shows you how to stay in your correct finish posture while allowing your body to rotate.

1. Increase speed. Hold a towel at both ends, pulling it taut at address. Rotate back normally and stretch the towel all the way to the top. Congrats—you now have Tour-level backswing width.


It cleans your clubs. It dries your forehead. And a towel can save you strokes.

2. Improve contact. Lay the towel flat on the turf six inches behind the ball. Make three-quarter swings with a 7-iron. Your goal? Miss the towel, but hit the ball. This steeper approach leads to purer iron impact.


3. Add yards. Roll the towel into a loglike shape and set it 10 inches in front of the ball on your target line. With driver, swing through the ball, then up and over the towel. It'll teach you to tilt your upper body to the right, just like the big bombers do.


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