Reverse Your Reverse Pivot
Reverse Your Reverse Pivot
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Gary Gilchrist's left-foot-back drill fixes your weight-shift woes for more yards and straighter shots. Watch Video»

Improve Your Technique

Use Your Feet To Catch It Crisp
Use Your Feet, Catch It Crisp
As seen in the January issue of Golf Magazine, Top 100 Teacher Keith Lyford shows how a bottle can improve your impact with better footwork.

Hit Pure Iron Shots

Dustin Johnson: Three Keys To Puring Long Irons
Hit Pure Long Irons Like D.J.
Want to hit it solid like Dustin Johnson? The seven-time Tour winner says the key is to stay patient to catch it solid on long iron shots.

More Solid Contact Tips

Twist the Shaft for Sweet Hits
Twist Shaft for Sweet Hits
Brian Manzella offers an easy, 'amateur' way to make a pro-style squaring move and help you hit a solid shot every time.
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