Brady Riggs: Pitch It Tight From 50 Yards
Pitch It Tight From 50 Yards
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs teaches you how to say goodbye to your chunks and use your 'body wedge' to hit it close from tricky distances. Watch Video»

Improve Your Technique

Control Wedge Distances
Control Wedge Distances
Top 100 Teacher Mike Malaska show you how to quickly improve your distance control on tricky wedge shots.

Chip It Close

How To Hit A Spinning Pitch
Hit A Spinning Pitch
Need more control around the green? Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brian Manzella explains how to pitch the ball and stop it dead in its tracks.

More Short Game Tips

One-Hop-And-Stop Pitch
One-Hop-And-Stop Pitch
Top 100 Teacher Nancy Quarcellino shows you how to hit chips that spin and stop on a dime.
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